Roof Coating Benefits

Roof coatings have become a proven, cost-effective option for individuals seeking to maintain and restore aging roofs while reducing their impact on the environment.

Coatings Applications

Roof coatings will not correct every roofing problem or effectively prolong the life of every existing roof system. When properly designed, applied, and maintained, they can help sustain a roof and reduce expenses.

Consider the benefits of roof coatings:

Increased roof life. Workers can repair, coat, and restore moderately aged roofs to a maintainable condition. They can even restore leaking roofs if the amount of wet insulation is relatively low and they can identify, remove, and patch the affected areas before applying the coating.

With careful monitoring and timely performance of work, subsequent re-coating might be needed to further extend the life of the roof.

Reflective coatings can slow the effects of ultraviolet and heat aging of roofing membranes by reducing rooftop temperatures.

Reduced construction debris. Applying a roof coating at the proper time can be less expensive than replacement and keeps old insulation and roofing membrane out of landfills.

Reduced energy use. The reflective and emissive properties of many coatings result in decreased roof temperatures and energy use during the day, which reduces HVAC system usage. Your employees and coworkers will be more comfortable, and the temperature of unconditioned spaces may be reduced.

Esthetic improvements. Rather than replacing an unsightly, aging roof for esthetic reasons, you can improve the appearance of a roof that’s visible from the ground or adjacent buildings with the application of a coating.

Aging, prefinished, metal roof systems might need to be replaced due to fading or peeling because traditional coating systems have not been effective in covering existing finishes. Newer coatings contain Kynar pigments and can make a roof attractive.

Microclimate management. Areas of ponding water can easily occur on many low-slope roofs. Many types of roofing membranes are prone to premature deterioration and eventual leakage through these areas. Roof membranes that are exposed to contaminants can also deteriorate.

Using quality coating products and applications in these affected areas can prolong the life of the entire roof system. Without implementing this sustainable approach, spot deterioration can lead to wet insulation, leaks, structural damage, and the need for premature and costly roof replacement.