Roof Replacement Bettendorf

Roof Replacement Bettendorf

Have you been thinking about repair versus roof replacement Bettendorf? New homeowners, in particular, may be confused about when to consider which option. It can be hard to figure out when repairs are cost-effective, or when you could save more by replacing your roof. Not knowing can lead many people to put off calling a roof repair company. People often worry about wasting their money on premature replacements. Conversely, homeowners often fret about repairing things that instead require replacement.

Thankfully, there are guidelines you can keep in mind to help you decide if a Bettendorf-based roof replacement is necessary. Knowing when a replacement is necessary can help safeguard your entire home. In some cases, you can put off repairs for a limited period of time. For example, repairing a cracked shingle can sometimes wait a few weeks. However, it is dangerous to put off an entire replacement. Knowing the difference can help you save money, budget better, and keep your family safe.

Consumers contemplating a roof replacement in Bettendorf can contact Old Reliable Roofing. We will help you determine the best course of action to keep your home and family safe. They can complete repairs that will prolong your roof’s lifespan. They will also work hard to complete your replacement in as little time as possible. Interested consumers can contact Old Reliable Roofing by phone at 563-355-8038. You can also visit them online at

An Estimate Can Tell You When You Need Roof Replacement In Bettendorf

One of the best ways to determine if you need Bettendorf-based roof replacement is to ask for a free estimate. Consumers can contact a variety of companies in the Quad City area to obtain a few different estimates. If each company recommends you replace your roof, it is likely a wise decision. Conversely, if most companies suggest repairs, that is a safe route to take. Be sure you only get estimates from reputable companies. A disreputable business will not be honest with your home’s needs.

You should attempt to obtain estimates from companies that offer a variety of different roofing services. Companies that focus on only one area of roof repair or replacement may not be familiar with other roofing issues. It is wise to hire a company with full roofing experience. This way they can quickly and easily identify the precise issue with your roof and make appropriate recommendations.

If you are in the Quad City area, you can contact Old Reliable Roofing at 563-355-8038. They are happy to provide new and current customers with free estimates. They are available to answer any questions you may have about the best course of action for your roof. Old Reliable Roofing has experience with both residential and commercial jobs, and can provide references. You can also visit Old Reliable Roofing online at

When To Consider Roof Replacement In Bettendorf

The solution to many roofing issues is often complete roof replacement in Bettendorf. If you have never had to deal with roof replacement before, this can be alarming. Recent advances in roofing allow skilled professionals the ability to complete the job faster. As the length of replacement jobs has decreased, so too has the cost. It might seem cheaper to replace the worst parts of your roof, but this could cost you more over time. Repairs done to older roofs tend to last for a very short time before they wear out.

Obtaining an estimate from a reputable company is a great way to tell if your roof should be replaced. If this is not possible or if the estimate was ambiguous, there are other signs you should replace your roof:

  • your roof is over 20 years old
  • the same type of damage reoccurs
  • extensive mold or algae growth
  • sagging
  • water damage
  • a large number of cracked shingles

If you notice any of the above signs, you should contact a roofer immediately. Try and find a company that offers 24/7 service as well as free estimates. These features will help give you peace of mind during a stressful time.

Consumers in Bettendorf can contact Old Reliable Roofing for their replacement concerns. You can request a free estimate from Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038 or by visiting Old Reliable Roofing has extensive experience replacing residential and commercial roofs. They know how to prolong the life of your roof and when you should consider replacement. Contact them today to learn more.

When To Consider Repair Instead Of Roof Replacement In Bettendorf

Of course in some cases you can avoid Bettendorf-based roof replacement by finding a reputable repair company. Repairs are usually cheaper and quicker to complete than replacements. Be sure you obtain quotes from a few different repair companies, to be sure that repairs are appropriate. Quotes will also help you narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting a company.

Homeowners usually consider repair over replacement in the following situations:

  • minor leaks
  • the odd missing shingle
  • one or two curling shingles
  • small sealant gaps

If you are thinking about roof repair, you should contact a professional company. Professionals have the expertise required to complete the job quickly, safely, and effectively.

Consumers in Bettendorf can contact Old Reliable Roofing for their repair needs. Old Reliable Roofing can send a qualified roofer to your home to offer his or her opinion. They provide free estimates to new and current clients, helping to direct your roofing decision. You can contact Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038 or by visiting

Finding The Best Roof Replacement Bettendorf

Once you know when Bettendorf-based roof replacement is necessary, you need to hire a reputable company. Even if you have never searched for one before, finding the perfect roofer is fairly simple. Ask around for references and referrals. You should also take a look around your neighborhood. Some roofing companies will post yard signs when they are working on a nearby home. This is an excellent way to evaluate their progress up close. You can also contact local companies and request references.

Homeowners in the Quad Cities can contact Old Reliable Roofing for all their roofing needs. You can contact Old Reliable Roofing at 563-355-8038 for a free estimate today. They can help you decide whether to repair or replace your roof. You can also request a list of references and view past jobs at If you are thinking about roof replacement Bettendorf, consider calling Old Reliable Roofing today.

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