Roof Replacement Davenport

Roof Replacement Davenport

Homeowners will eventually need to research roof replacement Davenport. A well-functioning roof is one of the most important parts of your home or business. A roof keeps occupants and possessions safe. Leaky or faulty roofs can often cause health concerns in addition to expensive property damage. In some cases, a simple roof repair will do the trick and extend the lifespan of your roof. In other situations, you will need to replace your entire roof.

Learning the warning signs can help you anticipate the need for a roof replacement in Davenport. It can also help prepare you for when the time comes for replacement. Being caught by surprise can create chaos as you scramble to find a roofer and a place to house your family. Most homeowners would prefer to schedule a replacement before costly damage occurs. This advance knowledge can also help you budget for the replacement much easier.

Homeowners thinking about replacing their roofs in Davenport should contact Old Reliable Roofing. They offer a variety of roofing services, including complete replacement. You can contact Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038 or visiting They would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Their roofers and office staff are friendly and knowledgeable and can answer any roofing question. Examine your roof for the signs noted below, and then call Old Reliable Roofing today.

You May Need Roof Replacement In Davenport If Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

You may need Davenport-based roof replacement if your roof is over 20 years old. Roofs built more than 10 or so years ago were made using asphalt shingles. At the time, these shingles were the best on the market. They aid with insulation and last about 20 to 30 years before they require replacement. If your asphalt roof is approaching age 20, you should start keeping a close eye on its condition.

These roofs deteriorate quickly, making it necessary to call a professional at the first sign of damage. As they age, they will allow more moisture and air into your home. You may find that mold accumulates in your attic as a result. Also, your heating and cooling expenses may rise exponentially As your roof approaches this age, it is a good idea to consider replacing it altogether. Replacement can avoid the need for frequent, costly repairs. It will also reduce the risk of mold and moisture build-up in your home.

Old Reliable Roofing has experience repairing and replacing old asphalt roofs. They know how to work with those materials safely and efficiently. As a result, your roof replacement will go a lot smoother and quicker. Davenport area residents can contact Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038 or visiting They are always happy to provide customers with more information or to give you a free estimate.

Missing Shingles May Mean You Need Davenport-Based Roof Replacement

One or two missing singles may not mean you need your Davenport roof replaced. However, if you notice one or two shingles missing each week or over a consistent period, consider roof replacement. Aesthetically speaking, it is impossible to ensure the replacement shingles match the existing ones. Things have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, including shingle composition. Homeowners may not mind a few off-color shingles, but more than that will be obvious. It is also a sign that the roof as a whole is deteriorating. Rather than wait for more damage to occur, it might be wise to consider an entire replacement.

Your shingles will show other signs that the roof is approaching the end of its lifespan. They may crack or curl. Cracking can happen after high winds and does not always mean a replacement is necessary. If more than a third of your shingles are broken, that is a sign of a bigger problem. Likewise, you can safely replace one or two curled shingles. Any more than that, however, means that there is a bigger issue at play.

Residents of the Quad City area should call Old Reliable Roofing at the first sign of shingle damage. Old Reliable Roofing can send qualified roofers to your home to offer you a free estimate. Prospective customers can visit Old Reliable Roofing online at You can also reach Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038. They would be happy to provide references. Prospective customers can also find a gallery of past work online.

A Sagging Roof Needs Replacement In Davenport

You need Davenport-based roof replacement immediately if you notice any sagging in your roof. Sagging means that there is a bigger structural issue at play, which will only get worse as time goes on. It does not mean the roof will necessarily collapse, but it is a sign that it needs attention. Look for a roofing company that offers 24/7 response services. You may not be in immediate harm, but it is a good idea to ask a professional for their opinion.

Roofs can sag for many reasons. In some cases, the beams or boards can become weak or wear out. Infestations can also result in weak household structures. Water damage can also cause sagging. Only a highly qualified roofing company will be able to accurately assess the damage and identify a cause. Take the time to find the best roofing company possible for this particular issue. Be sure you hire a company with licenses and certifications. You may also want to find a company that has affiliations with other respected organizations in the area.

Davenport residents should call Old Reliable Roofing at the first sign of sagging. You can reach Old Reliable Roofing 24/7 by calling 563-355-8038. They can provide you with a free estimate, and can identify the cause of the damage. Prospective customers can also visit Old Reliable Roofing online at

Searching For Roof Replacement Davenport

Home and business owners will eventually need to consider roof replacement in Davenport. Keeping an eye out for early signs of replacement can help you anticipate this cost and disruption. You should call reputable roofers if your roof is old, if you notice shingle damage, or your roof is sagging. Look for businesses that offer fast response times and free estimates.

If you are in the Quad Cities, you can call Old Reliable Roofing for your roof replacement needs. You can reach Old Reliable Roofing by calling 563-355-8038 or by visiting They would be happy to discuss your roofing concerns and can offer free estimates and fast response time. Old Reliable Roofing should be your first call if you need roof replacement Davenport.

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